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At Beechwood Brainery we do things a little differently


At Beechwood Brainery we want to ensure that you and your child(ren) will thrive in our environment. Meet with us to learn about our programs, see our facilities and get a feel of our community.

Beechwood School Schedule An Interview

The next step in the process is to meet with our Director, Janet Greener, and/or have your child spend time at Beechwood Brainery. We encourage families to attend the interview together. The interview is an opportunity for us to explore the student’s interests and goals to determine if and how Beechwood can work for them.

Beechwood Brainery Tuition


At Beechwood we believe in high-quality humanistic education that aligns with your child's needs. Realizing that your family can benefit from flexibility, we offer Annual, Bi-Annual & Monthly Installments for our Full Time & Part Time Programs.

Beechwood Apply For School


If you and our Director mutually determine that Beechwood Brainery is a good fit, you can complete your application. Please email to request your application.

After sending your application, we will:

Begin the process of confirming your start date

Confirm Your Enrollment

Email preperation details for your first day