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Beechwood Brainery Students Have Access To

The Beechwood Advantage

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We are youth education that supports individuality

There is a large “gap” in our current education system

Our current education model fails to support the “whole person”, especially those with varying neurological conditions. Students are being lost due to support challenges, time limitations and insufficient resources.

Our dynamic environment to supports varying personalities and challenges with individual programming, while increasing motivation and drive to grow our next generation of employed workers.

Beechwood Brainery is an independent organization that:

Has more diverse networks when compared to public schools

Independently focuses our educational program towards increased engagement in all types of civic activities

Fosters volunteering; resulting in graduates giving more time and resources to public institutions

We Provide Support for Mental Well-Being & Academics

Life coaching, group dynamics and employability skills are offered to all attendees.

Student Mental Health Support

Beechwood Brainery knows the critical importance of mental well-being in adolescence directly impacts future employability and quality of life. Mental health services are the foundation to the Brainery’s philosophy.

Academic Support For Students At Beechwood Brainery

At Beechwood Brainery, we provide support in academic achievement of an OSSD for Secondary School, and Upper Elementary Curriculum based on Ontario Education Standards.

student inclusion - beechwood advantage

We offer a safe space to foster positive relationships and opportunities to engage within the community. The inclusivity we have within the Brainery can help to improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being.